Myofascial Release Therapy

Because You Are More Than Your Pain

The Most Important Elements for Healing

The Three Most Important Elements for Healing

We really can't allow our feelings to release unless we feel safesupported& have the space to allow for them.  These are the 3 conditions necessary for healing pain.  We can create this environment for ourselves yet it is often necessary to have a safe & supportive person & place for this and the space (& time) to allow it to happen.  Let's face it, if we were able to do this for ourselves we would've done it by now.  Often our feelings are subconscious without our awareness of them.  This is where myofascial release comes in.  We allow it to come up from the body, not the mind.  We don't need to know what it is or have it figured out and in fact this just gets in the way.  We simply need to be willing to discover the feelings.  An advanced level myofascial release therapist has been trained to help support allowing the feelings to surface.  Setting time aside and space away from your every day distractions is often necessary to heal your current pain & struggles.


Self Enhancement Experience (SEE your Self) 

The fascial system is a supportive tissue so let's SEE if you can shift your perspective on your tight & painful tissues and feel them as supporting you.  You might be experiencing too much support when your tissues are too tight & restrictive that it leads to pain but this 1 shift in attitude will begin your healing process of releasing the tightness & pain.  

Take a moment now to tune in to feelings of tightness or pain in your body.  Now shift & allow yourself to experience this tightness as support & be grateful for all of the extra work those tissues are doing for you.  Give this 1.5-2 minutes without analyzing or judging what you notice (this is not long but longer than you might think when taking a moment to ponder). Feel what happens to your tight sensations.  Pain is simply a supportive way of getting our attention.  It actually IS possible to SEE pain as supportive.  You won't know until you try & you have nothing to lose but your pain




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