Myofascial Release Therapy

Because You Are More Than Your Pain



“Roxann resolved longstanding problems arising from my sacroiliac joint. I’d obtained temporary relief from physical therapy and massage, but it wasn’t until I underwent myofascial release therapy that the problem went away for good.  Thanks Roxann!  ~J. F.

“When I began working with Roxann, I’d been suffering from years of chronic pain. I was living a life in which pain seemed to take away, everything I loved to do. From my first session with her, Roxann’s techniques started easing that too-familiar pain and loosening up my body that had felt stiff and “stuck” for so long.  Her scar release work was especially effective for me, both physically and emotionally. Because of   Roxann, I’m now able to do everything I’d missed, and more.  I’ll always be grateful for the way she launched me back into life.”  ~J.R.

I came to Roxann with pain in my neck, shoulders and severe headaches.  I had been dealing with this for several years and had in that time consulted a non surgical orthopedist as well as my primary care physician.  An MRI revealed that I had bone spurs in my neck.  I tried physical therapy, massage and acupuncture to help with my condition.  MRT has been the most successful treatment in helping me relieve my pain. I have found Roxann to be very skilled and knowledgeable she quickly gets to the sources of my pain.  I find her presence to be very relaxing and very comfortable.  She is most protective of my privacy and modesty which is always appreciated.  She is a very empathetic person and provides me with tools and suggestions which help me enormously in staying out of pain.  ~E. B.

Over the last four years I have dealt with bad back pain. I have tried over a dozen different therapies and ways of healing my back; all of those gave me minimum relief, at best. With Myofascial Release, I have noticed a drastic change in my back pain that has allowed me to enjoy the outdoor activities I messed in the last few years.One of the biggest differences between this and other therapies is that you learn how to pay attention to your body and that has played a big part in part in my healing process.  Roxann has changed my outlook on my back pain and has given me hope that once again I will be pain free.  A.I.


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