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Self Treatment

While it cannot replace a therapist, regular self treatment is an important part of treatment. Taking an active role in your recovery is a powerful way to enhance your progress.  Additionally, it helps maintain health and ensure carryover. There are many therapy tools out there that can be part of your daily fascial wellness regime. Here are some of the tools that I have found inexpensive, convenient, and beneficial:


The Myofascial Stretching Book (By Denver Occupational Therapists: Jill Stedronsky & Brenda Pardy)

Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment (By Pennsylvania Physical Therapist Joyce Patterson)


4" Therapy Ball (in stock) $5

Foam Rollers:  For self-spine mobilization, decreasing soft tissue tightness in anterior chest and neck and enhancing coordination of trunk, hips and shoulders.

Cranio Cradle

Nola Roller:  Powerful device used to alleviate muscle spasms and stress. This tool can be used on the back and many other areas to improve soft tissue mobility.

Thera -Cane:  Because of the unique design of the Thera-Cane, the user does the work relieving those hard to reach tender points. A minimal amount of movement is all that is needed for effective treatment.

SACRO WEDGY (Male / Female):  The sacro wedgy is the ultimate tool in helping to relieve back pain. The Sacro Wedgy stabilizes, cradles and elevates the sacrum.

Super Pinky Ball

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