Myofascial Release Therapy

Because You Are More Than Your Pain

FAQs: Appointments, What to Expect, Payment Options, Etc.

What to Expect

Treatment is individual to each person as we each come with our own unique physical, emotional history and belief systems.  JFB-MFR therapists treat the body as a whole (not just the area of pain) and are trained to look for fascial restrictions thus treating the cause and not merely the symptoms.  

Each person will heal and progress as individuals. Some patients have relief after their first treatment and others do not. This is highly individual as diagnosis, chronicity of symptoms, motivation to heal, personal belief system of health and healing, and cultural beliefs can all effect outcomes. Rome was not built in one day and it was not destroyed overnight. Similarly chronic health problems will not turn around overnight. That said, chronic fascial restrictions are more responsive when treatments are spaced closer together- typically, one to three visits per to three visits per week to three visits per week.  By keeping the treatments closely spaced together the therapist is able to get into the restricted areas deeper with each successive treatment.  

You will also be taught various self treatment techniques that will help empower you to be an integral part of your recovery. Learning how to safely and effectively treat yourself is a powerful way to enhance your progress, particularly if treatments need to be scheduled further apart.  Done regularly, self treatment will also help you to create and maintain lasting changes in your body and avoid injury.

Generally, gentle and relaxing, but from time to time a session may be therapeutically challenging. Additionally, Unwinding may be accompanied by emotion- we are FEELING, PHYSICAL beings. Myofascial Release encourages one to feel ALL sensations that may arise. This is what our bodies need to do to heal. I will help you with these therapeutically uncomfortable moments. It is most important to know that although MFR may bring up physical or emotional pain, it does not force and will not injure you.

After a session it is important to listen to your body, to drink plenty of water and give yourself permission to be easy with yourself.


Appointments and Payment Options

All initial visits are 90 minutes (45 for children 10 and under) to allow us ample time to go over your history, discuss your particular issues, evaluation, hands-on treatment time and allow time for talking about self treatment.  

Please fill out and bring the Health Information and Privacy/Payment Policy to your first appointment.  I ask that you read
 "Your MFR Session" at least one day prior to your appointment; you will find my address and directions at the bottom of this page.

I schedule appointments as follows: 

30 minutes for children 10 & under: 45minutes for the intitial appointment6

60 and 90 minute as per need and what works for you.

Payment is due at the time of service.  

As a service to my clients, I do accept most credit cards, debit cards and HSA.  There is an additional 3% on credit charges.

Discounted Packages (Must be Paid in Advance & do not include the initial appointment)
 # Sessions            
6                       $5 savings per session

10                     $10 savings per session

I do not bill insurance companies, except in the case of a motor vehicle accidents (MVA.

If you are an MVA client, I need to know this when we first talk as there is information (and authorization) that I need in order to bill the insurance company. You will need an prescription from your doctor.

Appointments are available Mon-Fri., generally 9-5:00pm 
with a limited number of evening appointments available.
Questions?   Give me a call 541-760-2467 or email



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