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Because You Are More Than Your Pain

About Roxann



I am an “Expert  Level” John. F.  Barnes    Myofascial Release Approach™ Therapist,  having extensively trained and completed all of the  MFR Seminars with John. F. Barnes, PT, MT, NBCMT.

Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (TT)

I regularly attend MFR Study Groups and, repeat courses as a refresher (there is always some new tidbit that I learn).  I, also, attend a monthly TT practicum and quarterly intensives.


A life-long interest in body/ mind and natural health led me first to massage school and then (on a whim) to a Barnes Myofascial Release seminar.  I tell people after listening to John that first day I decided that I HAD to experience this from John, himself, and volunteered for a very simple technique which had profound effect on me, both physically and emotionally.  From that experience and that moment on, I knew that JFB Myofascial Release was a powerful, amazing therapy and a path I would follow.  I continue to study, learn and grow in order to bring my best to you and to this life.

Having also experienced my own journey with chronic pain (and the inability to use my body the way I expected and wanted) gave me the gift of empathy for what others may be experiencing. It also helped me to remind me of the importance of taking good care of this one body and to listen and honor all parts of myself- body/mind/spirit.

I believe that it is important to find a therapist who works for you, someone who will listen to and understand both your words and your body.  I view work my work with clients as a partnership and hold the awareness that I am never simply working with a body, but a whole person- the sum of many aspects.  I am committed to respecting and supporting your unique healing process by creating a safe and comfortable space for your journey. 

Nothing feels better.... than feeling better.  Let me help you to feel better.

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