Myofascial Release Therapy

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About Fascia


Fascia is a tissue that surrounds, supports, protects, divides, infuses with, nourishes, excretes waste, has memory, is resilient, is uninterrupted from head to toe, and is a superhighway of information


                                                     ......pretty important tissue, yes?!!!


  • A densely woven, three-dimensional web that extends without interruption from top to bottom, from the surface to the cellular level affecting every system in our body.


  • Has attachments to all structures and plays an important role in the support of our bodies, providing stability, cushioning (the body’s shock absorber) and support. 


  • Without it we would be a gelatinous mass on the floor! 


  • Creates separation between vessels, organs, bones and muscles and space through which delicate nerves, blood vessels and fluids pass.


  • Is important to individual cell health as all cellular exchanges take place within the fascia system.


  • The body’s primary information communicating system processing information at roughly 4.5 times that of the nervous system.  




What are Fascial Restrictions and How Are they Related to my Symptoms?

Fascia in a healthy state is supple and elastic.  Restrictions are created when the fluid "matrix" aspect of fascia solidifies as a result of physical injury, emotional stress or trauma, surgeries, repetitive strain or habitually poor posture.  This is our body's attempt to protect and compensate. Unfortunately the result is often further restrictions, misalignment, and pain that are felt in other, often seemingly unrelated, areas of the body.  This is because the the fascia is a continuous 3-dimensional web.  With a strength of up to 2000 psi, these restrictions can also interfere with the function of vital organs, nerve conduction and circulation. Once you become familiar with the sense that "it is all connected", you won't be surprised to to find, for example, that a painful shoulder may be related to an old injury to your leg.


Who would you be without the pain?









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